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Published on April 4, 2009 By Mythor In Everything Else

For about three months now I've been meaning to reboot my 'proper' blog so I can write about some of the random things that occur to me that won't fit in the 140 character twitter limit, either random things or specifics about some of the games I've been playing lately.

I had to edit that first sentence. I originally said two months but it's actually been three now.

With the Demigod Beta winding down I may share some thoughts on the game, but I'm looking forward more to the upcoming Elemental beta.

It's not that I didn't like Demigod - I do - but it's really the sort of game I just like to play against the AI in various configurations. So the beta testing, while fun, has not really been aimed at things I care about, much of the time. It's important that the net code work, for the good of the game, but given I don't want to play it over the network, I'd've struggled to give it enough of a go to comment fairly. I could tell certain things were unbalanced at various times but knowing the ridiculously hardcore people would know within 2% what the exact required numbers were...

Elemental though, with its "spiritual successor" to Master of Magic sly wink, is very much something I am into. And will inevitably produce ridiculously long posts about. And I'm not particularly going to care if some of it doesn't make sense, is boring, is useless or anything else.

So. This is me, giving up. I now have a blog on Impulse. Will I actually post in it? Only time will tell!

on Apr 04, 2009

Send us the link and I'll check it out as Elemental and Demigod are on my wishlist (little moeny issue right now stopiing me from getting them ).

on Apr 04, 2009

Link? I mean I'll be posting my thoughts here. I've given up on fixing my regular blog for now.

on Apr 04, 2009

Oh....well then gues i'll be checking back on this page often!



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